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National Building regulations clasification for Minor works and the requirement to submit drawings to the local Authority 

The National Building regulations classes Minor works as the following . which applies to section 13 of the National building regulations Act.  

Exemption of buildings from national building regulations and authorization for erection thereof. 

13. (1)  Any building control officer, may in respect of the erection of a building defined in the national buiding regulations as a minor building work, in writing 

a) exempt the owner of such building from the obligation to submit a plan in terms of the this Act to the local authority in question for approval

b) grant authorization for the erection of such building in accordance withthe conditions and directions specified in such authorization.  

(2) Any Authorization granted in terms of subsection (1) b shall lapse after the expiry of a period of 6 months, but the building control officer may from time to time extend such period at the request of the owner of such building or any person having interest therein if such building control officer is satisfied that there are sound reasons therefor. 


(3) If any Building control officer refuses to extend in terms of subsection (2) any period of 6 months referred to in the subsection, any person who feels aggrieved may in writing request the local authority in question to consider such refusal and thereupon such local authority may confirm such refusal or extend such period on such conditions as it may think fit.   

minor building work as contemplated in section 13 of the Act means –
a) the erection of any –

i) poultry house not exceeding 10 m2 in area,
ii) aviary not exceeding 20 m2 in area,
iii) solid fuel store not exceeding 10 m2 in area and 2 m in height,
iv) tool shed not exceeding 10 m2 in area,
v) child's playhouse not exceeding 5 m2 in area,
vi) cycle shed not exceeding 5 m2 in area,
vii) greenhouse not exceeding 15 m2 in area,
viii) open-sided car, caravan or boat shelter or a carport where such shelter or carport does not
exceed 40 m2 in area,
ix) any free-standing wall constructed of masonry, concrete, steel, aluminium or timber or any
wire fence where such wall or fence does not exceed 1,8 m in height at any point above
ground level and does not retain soil,
x) any pergola,
xi) private swimming pool,
xii) change room, not exceeding 10 m2 in area, at a private swimming pool;

b) the replacement of a roof or part thereof with the same or similar material;

c) the conversion of a door into a window or a window into a door without increasing the width of
the opening;

d) the making of an opening in a wall which does not affect the structural safety of the building

e) the partitioning or the enlarging of any room by the erection or demolition of an internal wall if
such erection or demolition does not affect the structural safety of the building concerned. 

f) the erection of any solar water heater not exceeding 6 m2 in area on any roof or 12 m2 when
erected other than on any roof; and

g) the erection of any other building where the nature of the erection is such that in the opinion of
the building control officer it is not necessary for the applicant to submit, with his application,
plans prepared in full conformity with these Regulations

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