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Common failures and recommendations 


Roof Design Principles to prevent leaking roofs 

Flat Roof types 

1. Derbigum on concrete 

2. Derbigum on Timber 

3. Sanafil PVC membrane

4. Cementitious  water proofing.

Low pitched roof  0-10 Degrees 

Klip Lok  700 Min angle 1-10 degrees depending on rain intensity   / Klip Tite rolled Sheeting 

1.  IBR profile 

Recommended pitch 12 degrees 

2.  Corrugated Iron Roof profile 

Recommended pitch 15 degrees 

3.  Cement Tile Roof 

BMI coverland Double roman/ Elite tiles 17 degrees recommended minimum pitch

4. Leaks caused by wind on metal sheet roofing. Ridge can be protected by ridge closure or a products such as Dry Ridge stick on membrane to prevent the rain being blown up the sheeting and entering the building

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